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What is a TekyGo! Premium Subscription?

A TekyGo! Premium subscription offers you a whole world of benefits, including:

Unlimited access to our entire library of games

Full access to the TekyGo! App

Unlimited access to all new game releases (2-4 new games will be released every month)

Unlimited access to our live online events

Full tracking of your child's activity and learning progress

And so much more!

Do I Need a Premium Subscription to Play with TekyGo!?

Absolutely not! We have a free subscription option that includes a rotating selection of games that is updated every month. 

You will continue to get access to new games just at a slower pace, You will also still get limited access to features of the TekyGo! App as well as get special invites to live events (provided they aren't already filled up with Premium Members.

Have Questions About Subscriptions or the App?

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