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Welcome to the World of TekyGo!

TekyGo! was inspired by the millions of parents searching for new and innovative ways to get their kids learning and moving. TekyGo! fuses online education with popular children's toys to create a first-of-its-kind experience designed to activate your child's mind and body all at the same time.

Ready to Get Started?

Everything you need to know is listed below.

The TekyGo! Portal

Unlock a world of exciting new adventures through a library of amazing games that is updated with new content every 2 weeks! Every game created for the TekyGo! Portal will encourage learning, movement, and imagination.


TekyGo! Accessories

Designed to get your children off the couch and moving! All TekyGo! accessories promote vital movements for childhood development.

You can even turn your existing children's trampoline into a TekyGo! enabled device.


The TekyGo! App

Watch your children exercise, learn and grow from the convenience of your phone. Track all of their incredible milestones, motor skill advancements, educational growth and get real-time updates when they earn TekyGoPoints!



Our team of Childhood Development Specialists help us create games that teach important early stage cognitive and motor skills. While our team of world class game designers creating games that children love. Combined, we are leading the way towards education and exercise through interactive play.


Who is TekyGo!?

TekyGo! is that little spark of light floating around your TV screen. A light so small that often only a child's imagination can find it. Through the magic of the TekyGo! Portal and 4 simple magic words, your children can now bring TekyGo! to life.


Are You Ready to Bring TekyGo! Home?

The TekyGo! Junior Bouncer Bundle is the fastest way to open up a whole new world of excitement, learning, play and adventure for your little ones!