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TekyGo! Portal + Junior Bouncer Bundle

Includes: TekyGo! Portal, the Junior Bouncer Trampoline and the Trampoline Sensor.

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TekyGo! Portal + Trampoline Sensor

Includes: TekyGo! Portal and the Trampoline Sensor (for use with your own trampoline).

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TekyGo! Portal + Squeezie Bundle

Includes: The TekyGo! Portal and one of our newest plush accessories, The Squeezie! Take gaming to an all-new level.

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TekyGo! Junior Bouncer Trampoline

Includes: Junior Bouncer Trampoline only.

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TekyGo! Squeezies

Includes: Our newest plush accessory to control an all-new set of games!

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TekyGo! Hardware

Replacement parts or extra add-ons for your TekyGo! Bundles!