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TekyGo! Squeezie Bundle


They're here! The newest TekyGo! accessory is a plush toy that controls game play, and we've bundled them with the TekyGo! Portal so you have everything you need to get started!

Active toddlers are now the imagination directors of living rooms and play spaces everywhere. Yes, you read that right! Our newest accessory, the Squeezie, is the magical controller that will give them the awesome power of controlling what happens in their games, and give them the confidence to develop all-new skills.

Squeezies are soft, safe, and unbreakable! They can toss, throw, shake, and squeeze as much as they'd like. All of these amazing new movements will help active toddlers establish a new set of physical and emotional skills, so they can keep growing with TekyGo!

Squeezies will launch alongside 5 brand-new games designed to showcase the playability of our newest accessory!

What's included in your Squeezie Bundle:


The TekyGo! Learning and Activity App



What Makes the TekyGo! App so Magical?

The TekyGo! App unlocks even more possibilities for your children, right in the palm of your hand. Watch and celebrate alongside your kids as they achieve new milestones, gain new skills, and earn trophies all while playing, learning and growing through the magical TekyGo! Portal adventures.

In addition, the TekyGo! App was designed alongside prominent childhood development specialists in order to encourage and nurture your child's growth, abilities and confidence. Our specialists are hard at work helping us develop new and more advanced features for tracking your child's development and growth. Updates to the app are ongoing.

What does the TekyGo! App Do?

The TekyGo! App connects to all your TekyGo! accessories so you can keep a close eye on your children’s activity, achievements and growth as they journey through the world of TekyGo!

You can also view all of the available games by popularity and category, track their milestones for all profiles added within the app, view the total distance your kids have jumped, take a closer look at all of the GoPower they have earned, and so much more!

Do I Need the App to Play with TekyGo!

Absolutely not! You can use the TekyGo! Portal and play all of the games without the TekyGo! app. But playing with the app makes it so much more fun!

Ready to Get Started?


What's included in the TekyGo! App? 

Game Center
You have access to a growing library of educational games that get your child up and active and having an incredible time. With so many TekyGo! games to chose from and new games being released every month, your kid is never going to get bored!

Activity Data
The app then collects all of the data from your child's play time, and curates special reports to track progress at all stages! These activity reports display activity time, distance, daily average calories burned, and more!

Motivating Milestones
With the app, you can unlock an entire world of fun… literally! TekyGo! Uses a worldwide journey map called the GoMap!, where your child can travel around the TekyGo! World collecting an abundance of rewards and badges along the way! These badges and rewards help to get your little one engaged and encouraged to unlock every step in their educational journey! 
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The TekyGo! Game Library is full of fun, interactive and educational games designed to get your kids minds and bodies moving.

With a new game released every 2 weeks, your kids will have endless adventures and fun all from the comfort of your living room.



Click HERE to view our full library of games


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