Welcome to our TekyGo! Virtual Summer Camp! ​

The warm weather is fast approaching us and we are super excited to announce our first TekyGo! Virtual Summer Camp starting May 15th, 2023!

Our Virtual Summer Camp will include FREE virtual activities for your little ones and many contests to enter and win our TekyGo! gift packs during the summer season!

How do I register?
​No registration is needed! Simply follow our Instagram page @tekygoofficial to get the first notice of when we announce our Virtual Camp Activities one by one.​​
All of our virtual activities and contest instructions will be available to download on our website for FREE after each announcement.​​

What are the activities?
​There will be three Virtual Camp Activities for your little ones to participate with three contests. Each activity and contest will be announced one week prior to their start date. The first activity will start on May 15th!

​​TekyGo! Summer 2023 Coloring Contest

Do I need a TekyGo! Portal to participate?
Nope! No purchase is needed to participate in the activities nor contests! ​​

Is there an age limit? ​
While our contest prizes and products are for the recommended ages of 2-6 years old, our virtual camp activities will be available for anyone on our website. ​​

What are the contests rules or terms of conditions?
All of our contests will be eligible for Canada and continental USA residents only. Parent/Guardian permission is needed before entering for 18 years and younger.​
Please view our FAQ page for more information!​​​​​​